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Dental team at Advanced Dental Technology of Ithaca II PLLC

At Advanced Dental Technology of Ithaca II PLLC, we believe in not only providing the best dental services, but also giving you the information you need to make the right choices for your dental health. Prevention is the best medicine, and our team works diligently to present you and your family with details on how your diet impacts your health so that you can take control of your overall well-being. Our staff has been together serving Ithaca, NY for 20 years, and Dr. Marcia Zax has more than 30 years of experience in general dentistry.

We are a compassionate dental office, and we make it our priority to provide the highest quality of dental care in the most relaxing and comfortable environment possible. We welcome patients of all ages, from pediatrics to seniors, and ensure their specific needs are met. Whether you need a simple exam and cleaning or want to whiten your teeth, we are the team for you. When you establish a relationship with our staff, you can look forward to a smile that looks and feels natural and beautiful.

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Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying

- Brandon S.
“Our family searched for a long time in Ithaca to find a dentist we felt comfortable and confident with. Dr. Zax does super dental work. She is extremely professional and has an equally delightful and talented staff. They’ve helped me conquer a lot of the insecurities that I’ve felt with trips to the dentist throughout my life. I highly recommend their services to folks out there looking for a dentist in the Ithaca area.”
- Adeena B.
“I love this practice. Dr. Zax is very friendly, and I could not be happier with her work. My smile looks the best it has in a long time! The staff is amazing, you can tell they’ve worked together for years and genuinely enjoy what they do. I feel fortunate to have found such a great dental team.

On my first visit, everyone introduced themselves and made me feel right at home. Dr. Zax was very thorough and straightforward, did not rush me and made sure I was comfortable. She made an excellent treatment plan and answered all my questions. I feel her work is very reasonably priced and her staff is fantastic.

A special shout out to hygienist Deb, she is gentle, sweet and thorough. Very encouraging too!”

- Elinor B.
“I have just returned from getting some dental work done. I have been going to Dr. Zax and company for many years, and not only do they do superior dental work, but they also look at the whole person to evaluate overall health. On top of all that, it is like having a second family (one with a sense of humor, to boot).”
- Jen Key W.
“This office is full of friendly, knowledgeable professionals. They have been so kind and thoughtful with our family through all of our visits. My children love coming here, and I rest easy knowing they are in good hands.”
- Richanna P.
“Have been going to Dr. Zax since the previous guy Dr. Bill quit dentistry and that was quite a while ago. The whole staff is very thorough, they don’t rush through your appointment to ring up another sale. I always feel like they take the time to do it right. In fact when I have something fixed Dr. Zax asks me how it feels and if I say ‘It’s ok,’ she has said, ‘It should feel right, OK, isn’t enough.’ That’s the kind of dentist I want. I don’t care if I’m in there a long time as long as my mouth is correct and comfortable when I get out. Unlike paying for the wrong shirt, you can’t throw your teeth out of you don’t like what you have.

They recommend repairs and corrections but don’t push. For a while, I had a bunch of repairs, but as soon as things were squared away, I haven’t had anything that needed to be fixed in years. That makes me know I can trust them and they’re not just in it to turn profits. I’ve been able to get in quickly when I had an emergency. I also like that Dr. Zax does not hesitate to send me to a specialist for something. (I had a lesser dentist in another city ruin my back teeth trying to do a complex root canal himself! I only knew that because after it was a disaster, I heard the specialist I had to see next yelling at my dentist over the phone in the other room “You had no business attempting this yourself!”) It’s comforting to have an honest dentist who respects specialists in their field of work, and does what’s best for the patient. Dr. Zax also guarantees her work within a reasonable amount of time.

The staff is always upbeat and a joy to be a patient for. I never fear going to the dentist.

In more than 10 years I’ve never had a long wait in the waiting room, and the cleanings were always average times so I’m puzzled by the one reviewer’s comments below (maybe there was an emergency that put them behind schedule?) And I never had a sore mouth after any cleanings either.”


We appreciate referrals of new patients from our existing patients. In gratitude for your support, donations are made to local charitable organizations which have included the Franziska Racker Center, Loaves and Fishes food pantry, Ithaca Health Alliance, Food Bank of the Southern Tier, Friendship Donation Network, and Hospicare.

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For more information about our dental services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 607-273-5940. We look forward to being your smile team!